Valued Advice

20 September, 2018

Advisors have historically helped their clients grow their assets 3.9 times more than non-advised individuals over a 15-year period. That’s a stunning figure by any measure.... Read More

Wealth Transfer 101

30 August, 2018

While the biggest inter-generational transfer in Canadian history is taking place right now, a recent poll by IPC Private Wealth indicates the majority of affluent Canadians are keeping their heirs in the dark on how they plan to pass on their wealth... Read More

Health is Wealth

9 August, 2018

Your health is your greatest asset, which is why it’s so important that you stay active, eat high-quality whole foods and get adequate rest. In today’s busy world, however, that’s easier said than done.... Read More

Investments for When Life Happens

19 July, 2018

As you journey through life, your personal and financial ambitions and goals will change over time. Some of your goals may have a five-year focus while others may have a 10-year horizon or be as far out as retirement – if it’s more than a decade away... Read More

When Aging Parents Need Financial Help

31 May, 2018

With respect to financial matters, the time may arrive when you’ll be parenting your parents.... Read More

Being Financially Savvy

29 March, 2018

Filed Under: Financial Planning

Being financially savvy will help you sleep better at night. Financial wellness has less to do with how much money you earn, and more to do with how you manage it.... Read More

Life Changes: Is Your Insurance Keeping Pace

15 March, 2018

Now may be a good time to revisit your insurance and investments needs, Do you still have the right type of insurance for you, you family or business? ... Read More

Affordable Travel Insurance

15 February, 2018

If you are planning a trip out-of-province, don’t leave home without travel health insurance. As a client, you have access to IPCTravel through SecuriGlobe; your best travel insurance advisor – with a unique expertise in the travel insurance industry... Read More

10 Ways to Grow Your RRSP

1 February, 2018

Most of us make time to have regular check-ups with our doctors, dentists, and other health-care professionals. We even bring our cars in for check-ups to ensure they continue to run well.... Read More

How Much Retirement Income is Enough

4 January, 2018

Filed Under: Retirement Planning

Many Canadians are either misinformed or working on the wrong set of assumptions when it comes to planning for their retirement years and retirement income.... Read More