15 December, 2017

A Prescription for Financial Health

Most of us make time to have regular check-ups with our doctors, dentists, and other health-care professionals. We even bring our cars in for check-ups to ensure they continue to run well. It just makes sense, and it can stop small problems from becoming big ones. Yet many people don’t follow the same discipline when it comes to their financial well-being.

RRSP season is a good time to review your overall wealth management plan. Market conditions change and influence our financial plans, so do our lifestyles, careers, and our short and long-term goals. All the more reason to commit to a regular financial check-up, a review of your wealth management plan and your actual activities to measure how they are aligning with your needs and goals.

10 Ways to Grow Your RRSP is an infographic that lists strategies for getting the most out of this important investment tool. Use it as your first step to your annual financial check-up.

If you’re ready to make time to complete a full financial check-up, give me a call and we can do it together and ensure your plan is working as hard as it can be.